Veterans of Medina County, Ohio


School Visits

    The Medina County Veterans Memorial Hall offers a flexible program for school students in Medina County – grades 5 through 8) to visit the Hall and learn about the service and sacrifice of veterans from Medina County. This program is open to public, private, parochial and home-schooling organizations. We can tailor the program to a teacher’s needs.

     A typical session is tailored for a typical 45-minute class period.  Students can begin during their lunch period as well - to extend the time spent at the Hall. Typically, we begin with 7-8 veterans (male & female) talking about their experiences in the military (all branches, Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.), the training they received, the places they were sent to, etc. Then students can ask questions of the veterans.

     A second learning component for students is to rotate in small groups among our various displays starting from the Civil War to the current War on Global Terrorism (Medina County was established in Ohio in 1818, so the first major was for the county was the Civil War). The displays contain real artifacts from the war, photos of the war and copy blocks which explain the reason for the war and Medina County’s involvement, both from the families at home and those who went to war.

     The small groups which rotate among the displays have questionnaires on clipboards to answer questions about each display. Depending on the age level of each student group which visits, there can be one questionnaire for each rotating group or, as in 7th and 8th grades, each student will have a questionnaire.

     We finish each visit with a three-minute patriotic video and the veterans will give each student a small American flag to take home to remind them of the service and sacrifice of veterans.

     To tailor a visit for your class of students, call Dave Taylor, Board President, to discuss what would best work for you. (330-321-3370 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)